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Seat 68

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Paula Jansone
Seat 68


Seat 68 is a deeply personal story, where Jansone travels with her grandmother to Madeira island. The trip was organised by a tour operator and the majority of the group members were seniors from Latvia. The adventure spirals into a miscommunication explosion culminating on the eve of grandmother's birthday, when all the generational differences come out in the open. Suddenly it is clear that they will not be able to find a mutual understanding on subjects like LGBTQ rights or climate change, the rest of the trip is a partly comical struggle to understand why we are different from each other and how to speak to each other.

In the project, the author talks about the intergenerational conflict between her grandmother, who grew up in the Soviet Union, and herself - a young European who was born after the fall of the Soviet Union in free Latvia and was raised with democratic values. At the centre of the series is the quiet and often invisible conflict between different generations. Two generations that grew up in opposing systems, with different accepted social norms and ideas what it means to be a human. Often what is acceptable to one, is completely unacceptable to the other.

Project Seat 68 aims to open the discussion about intergenerational conflict and to search for new ways for generations to coexist within one society. Currently, the polarisation of ideas is a problem. With social media, newspapers and leaders preaching increasingly what their own followers want to hear, it is next to impossible to get out of your own bubble. This project is an attempt to bridge the gap between generations and it is a quiet attempt to show the importance of truly listening to the other. Only through dialog, we can come to an agreement. The polarisation will only lead to stronger division and if we want to survive all the current world’s problems we need to come together.

The book will be in 2 languages - English and Latvian. Designed by Alexey Murashko, edited by Valeriy Gorokhov and supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.


Paula Jansone (1993) is a Latvian photographer who has graduated from the ISSP School and analog photography lessons led by Andrejs Grants in Latvia. Prior to her work in photography, P. Jansone works as a project director in the field of culture and in education - she teaches Photography and video production at Latvian Culture College where she also filled in as the Head of Photography Department. Jansone has gained experience in writing prose, which helps to supplement her photography projects (Jansone's prose is published in several local bookazines and magazines). The author has studied the history of photography and also works with analog photography, creating experiments with film and the image. Jansone's photographs reveal a style in which the color contrasts, lights and framing plays a big role in the storytelling.


First limited edition of 300

130 x 180 mm
Gloss laminated softcover with a foil and flap
Open spine Swiss binding
49 photographs
3 postcards from the family archive
128 pages

It will be published in November 2020

ISBN 978-9934-8748-3-3

2019 FK Magazine